There are few things in life that give you the satisfaction and comfort that food provides. I don’t know about what goes on in your typical school year, but mine consists of stress-eating during midterms and drowning my sorrows in bubble tea post midterms; you can figure out the rest. I think it’s only fair that after three years I share some of my favorite spots on campus to get some cheap and delicious food.

1 . I may be from Innis, but I’m not biased when I say the Innis Café is where it’s at. The menu selection is decently sized — you can get sandwiches, burgers, and even quesadillas for around $5. If you’re feeling extra hungry they always have weekly specials with bigger portions for about $8. My favorite are the lamb skewers with rice and salad. If you’re having an early or rough morning, come here for breakfast! Their breakfast sandwiches are great, and they offer a wide selection of fair trade coffee flavors.

2 . Second up, just across the street, is the Rotman Exchange Café. Not only is it a beautiful space with floor to ceiling glass windows, it offers you a wonderful ambience to bask in while you take a break from studying to grab lunch. They have a rotating menu as well as a small selection of amazing ethnic food. I love getting the vegetable briyani with butter chicken and naan for about $8. The best part about this place though, is that they have buffets on Tuesdays ($12) and Thursdays ($10)!

3 . Now, if we want to talk healthy and nutritious, I live for the salads at Ned’s Café at Victoria College. My favorite dish is the salad with chicken, feta cheese, fruits and walnuts. If salads aren’t your thing, they also have a wide selection of wraps, sandwiches, sushi, and a soup of the day! Afterwards you can walk down the café to Vic’s commuter lounge to relax.

Ned’s Cafe at Victoria College Image courtesy of blogTO

4 . If you find yourself with a group of people who just can’t decide on lunch, look no further than Sid’s Café, located in the basement of Sidney Smith. There’s a variety of restaurants inside, whether you’re looking for a hot and fresh bagel, a slice of pizza, or even some pad thai.

5 . When I started this school year I was so happy to find a newly opened Pita Land on campus, right at Spadina and Bloor beside East of Brunswick. The portions are big, the prices affordable, and the staff is so friendly. It’s located in what used to be Nestle’s Toll House, and they kept some of the furnishing making it feel nice and cozy inside.

6 . I can’t end this list without mentioning the food trucks on St George. All of them are great, from Shawarma to Chinese food, but the real MVP is the brown poutine truck in front of Sidney Smith, run by the nicest lady ever. Nothing beats getting a giant plate of hot, fresh cut fries with warm gravy and cheese on a cold winter night — for just $5.

Featured image courtesy of Oreoluwa Adara

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