Keeping up with school can be challenging. Assignments are never ending; readings are always piling up, and let’s not forget about those co-curricular activities. Thus, in an effort to help students better manage their many commitments, here is list of some great apps that will aid in keeping you on track and staying organized throughout the year.


This app is extremely helpful for keeping up with school updates. It allows you to log in with your UTOR ID so you can view your upcoming assignment outlines, access readings, and even see your grades when they are uploaded. Basically, it keeps you up to date about everything that is being added onto your course page. It’s a great way to make sure you are aware of everything going on in your classes and ensure that you will never fall behind!


Evernote is an amazing application for note taking because it allows you to not only take notes, but also offers a place to back them up in case your computer ever crashes. It also allows you to save notes online and share and receive them from friends. Further, the app contains organizational functions that allow for better accessibility to your archived notes.

Voice recorder

We all have those days when no matter how hard we try, we just can’t focus on what the professor is teaching us. Those are the days when you either end up asleep during the lecture, or there is simply too much on your mind to concentrate. On those days, you can use the voice recorder app to record your lecture and listen to it another time when your mind is ready to concentrate. Please note, however, that you have to get a professor’s permission of recording their class before you do so.


Evernote created this as a great partner app to their namesake creation. It allows you to take photos of documents on your phone, and then forward them to yourself so that you never have to buy an actual scanner. It specifically is great if you want to digitize lecture notes, formal documents, or even just an assignment on the go!

Study Blue

Let’s be honest: most of us leave our studying to the week before exams start. This time can be really stressful. A good way to stay organized and ensure you are learning is to make flash cards; but who has the time to go and buy flash cards, write on them, and then worry about having to carry them around? Study blue allows you to make flashcards as well has have all your notes handy. This can help you review them anywhere- whether you are on the TTC or just taking a walk around campus.


This app allows you to send and share documents, pictures, notes, and more with anyone in a convenient place. What sets it apart from email is that it allows sending much larger documents such as videos or high quality posters. It also has great file sharing capabilities so that you can just add things to a joint file and your friends can view it on their device immediately. It works well for on-campus clubs, group projects, or even as a safe place to store your own files and access them from any phone or computer.

Lose it!

Stress can get to everyone, especially during exam time. This is the time we tend to either eat a lot or eat nothing. This app allows you to stay on track with your health by keeping up with your calorie intake. It lets you know when you are eating too much or not enough. It also makes sure that you are getting the proper amount of nutrients and vitamins to keep your body healthy and functioning well.

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