ROBYN BACON, 21, Cinema Studies Major
“I think it looks interesting because comedies often don’t grace TIFF. Especially ones as zany and different as this one. We need comedy that provides social commentary on things that are relevant in society today (example: people using too many natural resources aka what the film is about). The director Alexander Payne creates very touching, poignant, funny, and honest stories about human beings with flaws which I love.” 

“It’s a lesbian love story/drama about two Orthodox Jewish women. One woman returns home after the death of her Rabbi Father. I just don’t think there are enough LGBTQ+ stories out there so it’s important to see them. The topics of religion, faith, and sexuality are very scare in film. I think this film will raise a lot of questions about those intersecting subjects. Also, the filmmaker is Chilean, and I’ve honestly never seen a film from a Chilean filmmaker so it will be interesting to see how he visually presents this story.”

KASS BANNINGCinema Studies Institute Professor

“I generally see non traditional fare. I plan to see The Shape of Water”, A Season in France”, Brown and Clear”, and, of course, Brit films.”

Image result for downsizing tiff
A still from Alexander Payne’s Downsizing
Courtesy of TIFF

AISHA GELB, 21 , Cinema Studies Specialist
“Produced by Eminem and based on script by a Toronto rapper, I honestly don’t how this could possibly be good, so you should go see it because what are festivals for if not to watch awful films that will never have a wide release? It’s already got mostly bad reviews.”

“This is the weirdest idea for a film ever, but what are festivals for if not to watch bizarre short films? Plus you’ll get see 6 other short films with it so you’re really getting your $28.00 worth.”

“The greatest teen film of the 2000s, and what are film festivals for if not to see films you’ve already watched ten times? Bonus points for it being filmed in Toronto.”

MATTHEW MCMANUS, 24, English and Cinema Studies Major
“Through my fan-boy bias lens, I can concretely say that this is Guillermo’s best film since Pan’s Labyrinth (2006). Excellent design all around from the intricate sets and costumes to the brilliant creature design only Guillermo could imagine.”

“Bruckner’s first feature following his success in anthology films – V/H/S, Southbound. Typical plot of camping trip gone wrong. Builds tension well without relying on jump scares (but of course they are present) and some laughable creature CGI to keep the film from going over a tipping point of being terrifying. A Blair Witch Project (1999) for the bros.”

“Interesting film exploring the relationships between mother and child. A great cast with minimal aesthetic style allowing the acting and environments of Mexico City and Puerto Plata to take the forefront.”

“Part of the Short Cuts program, this short tell the story of a mother attempting to locate her missing son. Done all in one take and through phone calls, the short reveals needed information brilliantly while still withholding enough to build tension.”

A still from David Bruckner’s Ritual
Courtesy of Cult Montreal 

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