It’s almost time for the blissful months of summer. Whether that means you’re taking summer classes or have a job or internship, summer is still a time for relaxation and taking in all the city of Toronto has to offer. Take advantage of the four glorious months that we have off and enjoy some of these events.

Toronto is the city of multiculturalism, and food from all over the world is often the focus of various events. Summerlicious 2017 takes place from July 7 to 23 at various restaurants within the city. The restaurants offer a discounted prix fixe menu, giving you an opportunity to enjoy meals that would be quite expensive otherwise. It’s the perfect chance to go out with some friends and have an interesting meal while exploring a different area of the city. The T&T Waterfront Night Market is another popular food festival that usually runs in August, in front of the T&T store on Cherry Street. Summer is the best opportunity to take a seat outside, check out one of the city’s many trendy food establishments (like Sweet Jesus), and relax.

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Two other major attractions in the summer are Canada’s Wonderland, which will take you on a trip to Vaughan via the GO bus from Yorkdale Mall, and the Canadian National Exhibition (the EX or CNE). Canada’s Wonderland is a permanent location and has various rides, from ultimate thrill seeking to the more easy going variety. The CNE is a staple of the Torontonian summer. It runs for two and a half weeks, and offers everything from games and rides to shopping. I recommend picking up some Tiny Tom’s donuts, they are a favourite of mine.

If you’re looking to just hang out, Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market are a must. Starting in May, the event occurs on the last Sunday of every month until October. Even when school starts up again, you’ll still be able to look forward to the wonderful area of Kensington Market. There are street performers, food, and live music. The best part is that all of the streets in the market area are closed, so it’s easy to stick to the streets rather than the narrow sidewalk. Also, if you’re near the U of T area for the summer, Kensington Market is a short ten-minute walk from campus, so you can definitely check it out without worry.

Doors Open Toronto 2017 occurs on the weekend of May 27 and 28. It’s an opportunity to explore the city’s many historical sites, including those that are usually off limits to the public. For example, City Hall has an observation deck on the top level that you can explore only during Doors Open Toronto and I highly recommend it for an exclusive view of Toronto.

Summer in the city is almost here. Life can get busy and full of responsibilities, so take the opportunity to explore the city this summer and you may discover something new!

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